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At PIKT, we’re committed to providing everyone a top photo booth hire Melbourne experience that won’t leave a hole in your wallet. We offer a variety of photo booth hire packages, such as the open-air photo booths & enclosed photo booth rentals with inclusives and optional extras that can make any party come to life. Melbourne is respected for it’s nightlife & party entertainment culture, you’ll see a photo booth hire at almost every Melbourne party! We are a society that celebrates life’s special moments with its astonishing venues, multicultural food selection & espresso coffee culture (the best in the world). Which means for you, the benchmark has been set ridiculously high! But not worry – we are here to help with your photo booth hire in Melbourne!


- 1 Open Photo Booth or Enclosed Photobooth service
- 1 Backdrop & Lighting
- Custom designed PHYSICAL strip
- On call attendant
- Digital Copies via Electronic Transfer
- Unlimited Photo Strips for the Duration Of Your Event
- Delivery, Set Up and pack up of Photobooth Rental
- Immediate Double Photo-Strips Printed
- Variety of props

We Take Pride Our In Melbourne Photo Booth Rental

Our aim is to contribute an affordable, yet enjoyable party asset – our photo booth rental. All functions like birthday parties, corporate events, weddings & engagement parties, we understand are once in a lifetime events and need the necessary care. With our photo booth hire, we will ensure top-notch customer service prior to the event to gather and meet your requirements & expectations, with our friendly booking staff & photo attendants to look after you in the booking process.

Melbourne Photo Booth Hire, Why Hire With PIKT?

We love being apart of events far & wide! We travel all around the inner & outer suburbs of Melbourne – everything in between the Mornington Peninsula & Geelong. With Melbourne providing venues from historic backgrounds & unbelievable sceneries – whether you choose to hire our photo booth in the Yarra Valley or Melbourne’s Dockland Venues we will be sure to accomodate.

The Cheapest Photo Booth Rental In Melbourne

Our photo booth rental allows you to hire our Melbourne photobooth starting and finishing at whatever time you want ! Our booths offer a combination of modern photo booth elegance with a boxed booth style exterior all together with the best digital features and leading photo booth software. we are prepared to make your photo booth experience amazing! Complete with props and everything you need to guarantee a good time, our photo booth will surely be the life of the party.


When you collaborate our amazing photo booth design, which has a huge 21 inch screen with an amazing backdrop and a bunch of classy or drunk photo boothers (like you people), we have the perfect recipe for a photo booth in Melbourne! Our open photobooth hire package will look just perfect at events where you want to keep it “classy”, like a wedding or 50th birthday. You simply take a selfie with our photo booth our featured curtain in the background, then make your way to the side of the booth to pick up your instant photos, which can be 2X6 or 4X6 prints! Classy right? If your wanting more of a grungey vibe, try our enclosed photo booth hire ! We have an attendant to monitor the craziness that’s happens inside. Sometimes things get out of hand so we will help your guests get through the night without any issues. Our photo booth rentals, whether you choose an enclosed or open air booth options consist of the same stuff! An awesome range of props, stunning print strip on the day, optional guestbook & digital copy of all images. Just depending on the vibe you want to create will depend on which one you should have at your next event in Melbourne, Geelong, Werribee, Mornington Peninsula & South East Melbourne areas.​​


We know our cheap photo booth hire is awesome, & we know that you will love it! We love seeing the faces of people enjoying our photo booth after they have collected their strips! You’ll be in regrets when you see yourself the next day. However, there’s no way you can deny holding up those crazy signs & silly hats! Jokes aside, we guarantee that you will be gobsmacked by the options that hiring one of our photo booths provides! So when the time comes to organise your next bat- mitzvah party, or wedding – you know who to call!


Photo booths are the life of every party in Melbourne! We offer unlimited photo print outs during the night, if you’re lucky – our attendant might also be carrying an ipad that will automatically send the photos to you & your guests email! When we say UNLIMITED…. WE MEAN IT! Your guests can approach our booth as many times as they want, our printers will instantly deliver two freshly cut prints without fear of reaching a limit or running out of ink. We also have optional extras, including if you would like more than 2 strips printed at once… We offer a variety and are happy to meet you at your specific requirements. We also have a variety of different way we can print your photo strip, whether you want a 2×6 or 4×6 option! Get in touch with us to discuss our options?


We bring a box full of crazy & funny props to each event! With our gorgeous array of photo booth props on sticks & quality hats, masks, wigs and any other party like attire you can thing of; all beautifully displayed – we try to keep them clean whilst guests are using these. Our prop selection has been especially selected to enhance your guests’ photo booth experience and encourage creativity! We take hygiene seriously so all supplied props are sanitised on a regular basis. It’s for this reason that we don’t provide certain props, due to them getting damaged & misused (you don’t want to see what we’ve seen!). You are more than welcome to supply your own props if you are having a certain theme or wanting extra props to suit your occasion. Sometimes… less is more! When it comes to props we can definitely say this.


Forget about those companies that pre-make and reuse templates, at PIKT Entertainment we are about being unique and giving our customers a personalised experience. At PIKT it’s not about what is easiest for us, and what saves us time. We prioritise the customers needs & expectations, we want you and your guests to enjoy our photo booth. We take pride & LOVE fully customising each and every template, so give us a call if you would like to discuss what we can do for your event!?​


The beauty about our online USB is that not only can you directly download these to your computer in a matter of seconds… but you can also send your photo strips to your family, friends and whoever else you would like! USBS are OLD SCHOOL! – We bring a new & easy style with our Melbourne photobooth hire in sending your photos from the event via our ONLINE USB! These include the print strips version as a digital copy, so if you happen to loose yours, feel free to reprint them. We can guarantee you plenty of laughs looking back at what went down.


With many years of experience, Pikt DJ’s will make your night one to remember. Our extensive music library keeps guests entertained all night long. Combined with complimentary lighting , we create the perfect party atmosphere for your event.


We know just how to make your night memorable for years to come. Our highly skilful and friendly photographers will ensure every candid moment is captured. We pride ourselves in producing the highest of quality images. Get in touch now.


Looking for the fun factor? Our photo booth hire in Melbourne provides the ultimate entertainment for all ages. With a box full of fun, quirky props it will leave a lasting impression on guests! Look back on the crazy moments and remember your night for a lifetime.


If photography isn’t your cup of tea, we’ve got the solution for you! Relive the magic of the night, with our Melbourne Videography hire. Capture every raw detail and look back on it as if you were still in the moment. Secure your Videography hire, enquire now!

The Best PhotoBooths In Melbourne

We’re not just about the booth; here at PIKT, we’re happy to provide you with a range of other services that help you look back upon the party for years to come. No matter which photo booth options you choose, our photo booth package deals will ensure your party to be a blast! Our photographers are available to take snapshots on the night in high quality helping you remember your night from a birds eye perspective. As well as this, hire one of our professional videographers who will make a video keepsake of your event – don’t let a single moment of the party or speeches slip by and make sure you remember your event with your friends and family. You could also package our DJ Hire to create a steller playlist for the night; everyone will be entertained with a backdrop of beats that suit your exact preferences. Don’t let your night be ruined with a terrible Spotify playlist – We have interactive DJs that know the techniques & skill’s required to entertain your guests and have the dance floor moving!

Why You Should Hire Our Photo Booth?

We are an experienced team committed to providing you a unbelievable end-to-end experience, and provide everything you need to set up a brilliant photo booth for your party guests. This includes installation and removal, customised photo strips that are ready to go, exciting props that match the mood of your event, and someone to guide your guests through the simple use of the booth. Whether you’re looking for a bespoke option to pair with a professional roving photographer, or you want the photo booth to be your sole source of imagery, we can design a custom quote just for you. For entertainment party packages, we are your one stop shop for it all! With competitive rates & high-end customer service, you have nothing to miss out on – give us a call to arrange a date, delivery and a quote for your photo hire in Melbourne today, whether your 21st birthday party on christening, we want to be there!


Find what you need

Tell us what you need and we will come back to you with a quote


Our DJ's don't have a set playlist that they stick to. Instead, they will gauge what type of music the crowd is engaging with on the night and continue to keep the dance floor alive!

Simply email us your invitation or the theme of your party and we will design your photo strip based on this. Alternatively, if you would like to make your own design, feel free to do so within a 6x2 inch template!

In order to ensure high quality and consistency within our editing process, please allow up to 14 days for the images to be ready for your viewing.

Images will be sent to you via email. Once edited, we will upload onto Google Drive and share a viewable link with you. From there, all you will need to do is simply download and save your images onto a computer or hard drive.

Yes! We will need  medium size trestle table, access to a nearby power point and an indoor (weather proof incl. windproof) 3x3x3m area allocated in order to setup the photo booth comfortably. If you have less space, please email us the exact dimensions.

Yes! All digital images are uploaded onto our data base and will be made available to you within 14 days of the event.

Yes! We will need  medium size trestle table, access to a nearby power point and an indoor (weather proof) 2x2x2m area allocated in order to setup the DJ comfortably. If you have less space, please email us the exact dimensions.

Due to the changing circumstances with the Covid-19 pandemic, our photo booth hire does not include an onsite attendant. You will however be able to reach our on call attendant throughout the hire time if need be.

Yes we do travel outside of Melbourne! However, all of our current pricing is based on Melbourne locations. Please email us with your details and we can provide an accurate quote to you.

Please email us your invitation or colour theme for the party and we will match a backdrop best suited for you.

Yes, we do travel outside of Melbourne. You will need to contact us via email or phone so that we can get an accurate quote sent to you depending on your event location. All our current pricing is based on Melbourne based locations.
Our friendly photographers will endeavour to capture between 40-70 photos per hour. However, the total amount of photos depends on whether your guests are open to the idea of having their photo taken.
In order to ensure high quality and consistency within our editing process, lease allow up to 14 days for the images to be ready for your viewing.
Images will be sent to you via email. Once edited, we will upload onto Google Drive and share a viewable link with you. From there, all you will need to do is simply download and save your images onto a computer or hard drive.
No, the images you receive will not have any branding or logo.
No, RAW files are not part of the photography service.
No, we do not upload full event albums on Facebook. We may however use some of your images on our website or socials.
We make image sharing easy! Simply forward the Google Drive link that you receive to any guests and they will have access to all the photos taken on the night.
Yes, we have a physical print option available! All of our images and albums are handmade in Italy. If you would like physical prints, please inform us prior to the event or immediately after receiving your photos so that we can preserve the RAW files required for printing.
Please download and save a copy of the images on your computer or hard drive. All images are stored on our server for a maximum of three months. After this time, they will be permanently deleted.