As a businessperson, entrepreneur or marketer, have you thought about using a photo booth in product launches, trade shows or corporate events? If you haven’t, you may be missing out when it comes to making your brand more recognised. This concept, if done right, will spur business growth. Although the idea has been around in the most recent decade, many businesses are yet to use it. The truth is, that if the booth is used in the right scenario it will surely help to market your business, create a loyal following, and also grow or launch your brand. So, why should you incorporate a photo booth in your marketing strategy or corporate event?

Enhance Guest Interaction

If you’ve ever attended a corporate event or trade show, you will agree that starting a conversation with a stranger can be hard. In fact, you may spend time wandering around or feeling a little bored. A photo booth has proven to be an effective Conversation Starter. People will simply start talking as they wait for their turn, others will share jokes about the funny pictures, while some will want to take a picture with a celebrity. And with guests to an event spending roughly 8 hours, you don’t want them getting bored or walking out too soon. This is more reason you should make use of a photo booth.

Boost Engagement

Did you know that a photo booth is among the most effective ways of improving engagements with your current and potential engage customers? Research indicates that Twitter and Facebook shares, likes and comments account for more than half (55%) of social media engagement. After visiting the booth, the users will waste little time spreading the “Gospel” about the event. They will share the pictures, tag their friends, make comments, or post a like. A smart businessperson or entrepreneur will ensure the company’s Logo is clearly visible in the pictures as well as personifying the images. It also pays to invest in social media friendly software that allows the users to instantly upload and share the images.

Make a lasting Impression

After the trade show, business fair or product launch is over, a good number of visitors will soon forget about it. This means that you also lose a great potential to market your business. But with a photo booth, it leaves a lasting impression thanks to the pictures and unique experience. The guests will recall the event as they scroll through the pictures they took during the event, share them with friends, or by simply commenting on them. A business mogul taking part in the event will cause excitement which can make your business go viral. You also can place the photos on the website’s landing page or social media platform as well as start a forum where the guests get a chance to share comments.

Gather customer information

We know how hard it can be to get contacts from your customers, both potential and existing. Many businesses lack the resources, time, or patience to approach and follow-up on a lead. However, a photo booth will do this without requiring you to be deeply involved. Simply ask the participants to leave their contacts, email addresses, names, comments and other details on the collection form. Thereafter, you can use the information to learn more about your target market, consumer preferences and desires, shortcomings in the event, and also staying in touch with them. This concept requires lesser time and effort but creates longer lasting interaction.

Make the event exciting

Truth be told – some events can be a little boring. Having to sit down for long hours or listening to long speeches is no fun. But with a photo booth, you get a chance to take pictures of yourself or with friends. In fact, many people can recall events that happened way back simply because of the memories it brings back. The funny face or pose, a caption with a celebrity and more. Some will always make a point of going back to such events just because of the fun bit. And unlike the usual advert, the images will be in circulation way longer as friends tag each other and share memories.

Works with all ages

One of the biggest challenges for any marketer, business or entrepreneur is identifying the right market. Tastes and preferences change over time as people age, new innovations, and changing trends. A parent may feel left out in an event that mainly focuses on children. Nevertheless, S/He has to accompany the young one. A booth isn’t restricted to a particular age. Both the young and old can take a photo as part of the engagement. And with consumers above 65 years becoming more active in social media (account for 41% of users in Facebook), you are more certain they will help in marketing the business.

Cost Effective

We all know that marketing can be an expensive venture. You need to spend a substantial amount of time and effort identifying your niche market, gathering data and information, coming up with an effective strategy, and then crossing your fingers hoping the impact will be positive. Using a booth in company events is more effective yet more affordable. First, it will draw a large group of people to the event. Secondly, many people will want to take a photo and this introduces them to your business. Third, the logos and background images will market your business. Four, by sharing, posting, liking, and commenting, they will be advertising your company and brand. Talk about “killing several birds with one stone.”

Photo booths are easy to use and cost-effective, versatile and useful in various events and gatherings. As a bonus they are usually compatible with social media platforms, can create a “buzz’ or go viral very easily and are also suitable for people of all ages. If you are serious about marketing your brand, having better penetration into the market, and also creating a loyal following, you should make a photo booth part of your corporate events or marketing strategy.


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Yes! We will need  medium size trestle table, access to a nearby power point and an indoor (weather proof incl. windproof) 3x3x3m area allocated in order to setup the photo booth comfortably. If you have less space, please email us the exact dimensions.

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Yes! We will need  medium size trestle table, access to a nearby power point and an indoor (weather proof) 2x2x2m area allocated in order to setup the DJ comfortably. If you have less space, please email us the exact dimensions.

Due to the changing circumstances with the Covid-19 pandemic, our photo booth hire does not include an onsite attendant. You will however be able to reach our on call attendant throughout the hire time if need be.

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In order to ensure high quality and consistency within our editing process, lease allow up to 14 days for the images to be ready for your viewing.
Images will be sent to you via email. Once edited, we will upload onto Google Drive and share a viewable link with you. From there, all you will need to do is simply download and save your images onto a computer or hard drive.
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Yes, we have a physical print option available! All of our images and albums are handmade in Italy. If you would like physical prints, please inform us prior to the event or immediately after receiving your photos so that we can preserve the RAW files required for printing.
Please download and save a copy of the images on your computer or hard drive. All images are stored on our server for a maximum of three months. After this time, they will be permanently deleted.