Top 10 Tips For Taking Better Event Photographs in 2019

Taking event photographs in Melbourne can be quite challenging. Your main task is to come up with remarkable shots that will excite your clients and score you more gigs – right? In order to achieve the best photography in Melbourne, you should probably consider the following event photography tips.

Prepare Your Photography Equipment

The minute you confirm that you will be photographing an event in Melbourne, the first thing you should do is prepare for the session. You need to double check your camera to make sure that it is functioning well. Double checking your gear is an essential element of preparation. Due to the fact that if you have an old camera the chances of it not working – for being damaged or due to age is high. Prepare means pack an extra battery, numerous spare cables you may require, and additional memory cards just in case you run out will help you feel well prepared for any potential problems on the day. If you are feeling a little bit rusty, especially if you’re shooting a wedding – it might be a good idea to watch an event photography tutorial, or go out for a practice shoot with some of your friends.

Figure out what type of an event you are shooting.

It is very important to know what type of of an event you are capturing. Knowing what type of an event you are shooting, allow you to prepare mentally about what types of shots you need and how you’re going to achieve them. It will also allow you to prepare if you are in need of any specific lenses, or if you require any additional backup Cameras or backup shooters. For example, if you are shooting at birthday party in Melbourne, you often will be able to get away with one camera and one lense. However shooting a wedding requires more thought and preparation, as you will need to prepare for their specific location, and bring extra cameras and lenses for the day. Knowing the small details of an event will help you as a photographer feel very comfortable and ready for any unexpected occurrences that may happen on the day.

Be in control of your camera & gear

Do you know your camera inside and out? Do you have the ability to manipulate your camera depending on the weather, location and purpose for your photograph? Being a photographer is not only about capturing great images. When photographing events, real photographers have the ability to picture how in image will be perceived inside their minds before they actually take the shot. Being able to manipulate your external flash with your camera settings, will enable you to achieve a variety of alternative images in the same location. The way photographers learn their gear, is purely by experience and watching others practice photography. If you are an aspiring photographer, the best way to get started is by watching videos on YouTube and replicating these practices with your own camera in real life. Knowing your gear is an essential part of any trade, so don’t even think about getting started without experimenting prior to shooting your first event.

Photography is about creating stories.

Whether you are shooting a birthday party, or corporate event – creating some sort of story is an essential part of photography. Shooting someone else’s event may not be the most inspirational or story like form of photography. However it is your job as a photographer to capture the night, as it was. An example of creating a story at and an event would be to capture and shoot photos in order of the entertainment or services that we’re provided during the night. Being creative with this will make you a successful event photographer in Melbourne.

Make use of the backgrounds when shooting photos.

You don’t even need to be an event photographer in Melbourne to know that backgrounds make a huge difference in photos. At the event you are shooting you should capitalise on the backgrounds such as well painted walls, flower walls, or if you are in a scenic location in the city. We always suggest before taking a photograph consider what is in the background. For instance if there is a window, you may get a bad reflection.

Make use of the natural lighting & flash devices.

Being able to use the lighting in the room, or your external flash is very important for any incredible shot. Most photographers love being able to use the natural light in a room or outside to capture an image. Knowing when to use your external flash device is important. Birthday parties, corporate events, baptisms. Most photographers are always pulling out external flash devices in these indoor events. Being able to bounce off the wall, or use your flash in a direct way that many styles that photographers like to achieve.

Good photography composition is essential.

The main thing that differentiates good, great, an amazing event photography this is the way in which they shoot their photos. Choosing either a portrait or landscape shot, will depend on the roof, who you are shooting, and how many people are going to be in the picture. Composition wise, experienced event photography understand the Rule of Thirds – and even if they don’t they will understand not to chop people’s heads off in the photos… The first rule of “how to shoot event photography”, is learning what style and type of composition you will practice. This will be determined on the type of lense that you have, the style of photography that you like. Getting started, it is best to steal and copy your favourite photographers style of shooting. Once you understand how things work, to be able to become a successful event photographer in Melbourne if you will need to create your own unique style.

Always shoot in raw image format.

This is a feature all professional photographers shoot in. Raw format records all of an image is data not only giving you the highest quality that can be produced, but giving you the ability to manipulate an image how you would like to. A prime & basic example of this is when an image is totally underexposed, or overexposed – shooting in raw format gives you the highest chance of saving this image. There are other reasons and other things you can do with shooting in a raw format as opposed to shooting in JPEG, but we will leave this up to you to figure out or do your own extended research on.

Be quick and always be in the right place at the right time.

Let’s face it, when a company hires you you’re generally always the only photographer on the day for small to medium events. This means that you need to always be at the right place at the right time, and quicksmart when shooting photos! While shooting candids, we always suggest being wanted to me away and taking landscape shots that are close up. This means you may need to zoom your lens to its maximum. We are not going to talk about which lenses to use as everybody may have different lenses so here’s a photo to see what we mean!

Photography is all about attention, patience, flexibility and creativity.

The above tips on how to become an event photographer will not only enhance the beauty of resultant pictures you produce, but also tell story with how the album is seen. If you want people hiring you, and enjoying your photos then consider each and every tip for taking photography pictures that we have provided you and implement them today or at your next event!


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Yes! We will need  medium size trestle table, access to a nearby power point and an indoor (weather proof) 2x2x2m area allocated in order to setup the DJ comfortably. If you have less space, please email us the exact dimensions.

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Images will be sent to you via email. Once edited, we will upload onto Google Drive and share a viewable link with you. From there, all you will need to do is simply download and save your images onto a computer or hard drive.
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