Begin with the invitations

Frozen themed invitations for your child’s frozen themed birthday party are a staple! If you know a thing or two about photoshop, you can easily create your own frozen themed invitations that will have the kids on their toes from the very beginning. However, if photoshop isn’t really your strong point, no need to stress, there are plenty of free websites that offer frozen invitations. All you need to do is fill out your details, print them off and send them to guests. We’ve made things even easier for you! No need to look any further, your customised frozen invitation is just one click away..

Make Your House Look Like A Winter Wonderland

Of course, what stands out the most in the movie is its liberal use of snow and ice. The movie is called Frozen, after all. For those who are lucky enough to have snowfall just outside their door step, this task is easy! But what if your aera doesn’t get snowfall? Not to worry; you can still create paper snowflakes and icicles by drawing and cutting patterns on white paper. It’s also easy to decorate your home or party area with an all-white and winter theme, not to mention turning the thermostat on your A/C all the way down to make it as chilly as possible (but still within comfort, of course). If you’re throwing the party at night, don’t forget fairy lights that are either Christmas-coloured or white, at the very least, to lend the illusion of wintertime.

All things frozen!

While you’re keeping busy making your home look like it’s winter inside, don’t forget the actual Frozen decorations! Deck out your home with posters and blow up merchandise while utilising plastic plates, napkins placemats and glasses to create the ultimate frozen kids birthday party! You wont need to look further than your local party shop or online to find these great merchandise. One more thing- don’t forget your place cards for those delicious frozen snacks and desserts. When labelling these, be sure to incorporate some catchy slogans and characters names from the movie- the kids will love this! Here are some of our personal favourites…

Prepare your taste buds for the ultimate ‘frozen’ experience!

If you’re shivering in your boots at the idea of planning a frozen themed lunch, you have no reason to! A frozen themed lunch can be a simple and enjoyable activity that even the kids will love lending a helping hand in the process of this masterpiece. Starting with some savory foods, all you’ll need to do is assemble some basic sandwiches and use a snowflake shaped cookie cutter to achieve the perfect sandwich snowflake. The kids will love these and it will keep their tummies full for the entirety of the day. For snacks, you can never go wrong with some baby carrots and hummus dip. After all- the kids will enjoy eating olaf’s nose. Moving onto the sweets, lay out some pretzel sticks, chocolate chips and marshmallows side by side. Before the kids start digging into this, make things a little more interesting by building your own snowman! Simply poke the marshmallow with the pretzel stick on either end, add 2 chocolate chips to the marshmallow and wahlah! You’ll have the kids singing ‘do you want to build a snowman’ all day long! It’s no secret that custom made cakes and food decorates can be quite pricey, but the options for a DIY frozen dessert station are endless. Add some blue food dye to your cupcake mixture to create a blue cupcake. Once done, top it off with whipped cream and blue sprinkles and there you have it. Your very own frozen cupcakes. To add something a little healthier into this dessert station, you can create some frozen strawberry hearts coated in white chocolate and white sprinkles! Don’t forget those goodie bags for the little ones! Fill them halfway with styrofoam balls and blue or purple tissue confetti, add some frozen toys, chocolates, lollies and a frozen themed thank you note to remember the momentous occasion for years to come!

Give Your Child and Guests the real Frozen Experience

You’ve made it this far! The house, food, invitations and pretty much everything else resembles a winter wonderland! Now it’s time to top things off with some Frozen-themed party games. While your party store may likely have some themed games for you, just in case there aren’t any, here are some suggestions:

Build-Your-Own-Olaf – The Disney website has a printable Olaf pattern that you can reproduce for the party and turn into a game of who can build the best-looking snowman.

Freeze Tag – While this isn’t normally a party game, with some tweaking of the rules it could be made to work. Which kid doesn’t like a game of tag?

Frozen Hot Potato – This game is easily tweaked to fit the theme. It’s basically the hot potato passing game, but the actual potato is made over to look like a snowball or something similarly winter-themed.

Capture The Memories For Years To Come

You’ve almost nailed your frozen theme party at this point, however you are not quite there yet. You need something to really remember the day by! A great way to make memories and keep them Frozen-themed is with a themed photo booth! A professional party photographer can bring a master’s touch to the party and take great photos to commemorate your child’s birthday. You can easily customise the photo booth’s theme and props to evoke Frozen or other things you or your child might want. Some photo booth hire companies even customise photostrips that are printable on the day which perfectly match your frozen themed party!

An Awesome Frozen Playlist!

The last essential element you will need for the ultimate frozen party is an awesome playlist! Generally kids parties contain a combination of Radio Hits and Kids songs, but to make it “frozen” here are the top songs you will need to play from the frozen soundtrack!

Let It Go
Do You Want To Build a Snowman?
Love Is An Open Door
For The First Time In Forever
In Summer

With these tips, you can easily pull off a Frozen-themed birthday party your child is going to love! Have a great party!


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Yes! We will need  medium size trestle table, access to a nearby power point and an indoor (weather proof) 2x2x2m area allocated in order to setup the DJ comfortably. If you have less space, please email us the exact dimensions.

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