5 Things To Consider When Hiring a Photo Booth In Melbourne

You’ve been to a party this weekend – what’s that you saw? A Photo Booth! With the Melbourne photo booth hire scene at it’s all time prime, there are many options & inclusives to consider… You can’t just rely on the first page of google for the best results, with entertainment these days – the solutions are endless!

Why are some photo booth pricings different to others? Is there an attendant included? What sort of a photo booth do you provide? Is there a backdrop? An Instabooth? A Hashtag Printer? Are Props Included?

… Hold on a minute – What’s a Photo Booth again?.. Well, that is a good question.

Before analyzing the things to consider – you should probably ask yourself “what are the reasons I need to hire a photo booth in the first place?” (Click Here To Read Article)

Affordable, Yet Good Entertainment Can Be Hard To Find


When comparing photo booth pricing – always taste the porridge before your purchase:

  • Is the pricing to hot? Am I paying extra without any actual benefits – Am I being ripped off?
  • Is the pricing to cold? – Is the service so cheap it is “too good to be true”
  • Is the pricing just right? Does the pricing sound competitive compared to other companies?


Some Complimentary Inclusions With Most Photo Booth Hire In Melbourne

  • Digital Copies (USB or Dropbox after the event)
  • Attendant / Photo Booth Operator (Somebody to Interact With Your Guests)
  • Instant & Unlimited Printouts (Usually 2 Printouts Per Session)
  • Props (Hats, Wigs, Funny Signs, Masks)
  • Photo Filters (Grayscale, Sepia, Black & White, Colour)


Some Standard Paid Optional Extras:

  • Guest Book (Pens & Glue Stick Included)
  • Bollards & Red Carpet Effect
  • Instant Extra Printouts
  • Social Media Integration (Facebook/ Instagram Instant Uploading)


When renting a photo booth for your next party – consider the price against what is included. Some companies will overcharge, some will undercut to get the job. Do your research!

What is a Photo Booth? What Style Of a Photo Booth Do You Need?

According to Collins English Dictionary: ‘A cubicle or small room where a person sits to have their photo taken’…. Well, that is probably the most boring definition I have read to make you not want to have one at your event!

Photo Booths In Melbourne, are a party asset that allow for guests to engage with a machine to have their photos taken and use props and signs to make the photos fun! This results in the photos being printed physically or converted into animated images which are distributed digitally.

Photo Booth Styles In Melbourne:

Here are some different options that Melbourne Photo Booth Providers have on offer – hopefully these descriptions give you an idea of what you need for your next party!

  • Open Air Photo Booth: Fancy taking a sneak peek of what your guests are getting up to in the photo booth? With the open air photo booth, there are no secrets! Join in on the fun and craziness, you’re not the only one.
  • Enclosed Photo Booth: Get the old school photo booth feeling with an enclosed photo booth. Draw the curtains shut and let loose, don’t worry there won’t be anyone looking to judge you. What happens inside the photo booth stays inside the photo booth.. Well.. almost.. Don’t forget those digital copies.
  • Insta Booth: Take a selfie on your phone, create a hashtag #photobooths, have them print with a branded or party design
  • GIF Booth: GIF all day, every day. Take your photo(s) & create a animated images that can be distributed digitally.

These being some of the popular party alternatives – considering your booth style & functions is essential when hiring a photo booth.

Why Size Of The Photo Booth Matters!

A key photo booth element to consider is the size of the booth. Some photo booths can be assembled onsite, others need to be carried in its entirety.

Some questions you may like to ask your supplier:

  • How big & how much space is required for the booth?
  • Can the booth be carried upstairs or into the venue?
  • How many people can fit into the photo booth ?

All these factors will depend on the company & photo booth supplied on the day. It is always a good idea to discuss with your photo booth supplier about your specific needs & requirements.

Check The Companies Review & Past Work

There are a few things to look out for when hiring a photo booth company in Melbourne:

  • Is the company legit/ real?
  • If the company is under an ‘entertainment brand’ do they outsource their work?
  • How many bad reviews do they have against positive reviews?
  • When was their last event? Are they popular?

Some ways you can find out this information:

  • Facebook & Instagram (Social Media)
  • Google my business reviews
  • Various Forums (Reddit, Photo Booth Finder)
  • Speak to friends.

Some photo booth companies in Melbourne have given the “photo booth hire” process a bad name. To ensure you do not have a nightmare situation, where you photo booth does not arrive – please make sure you do your research!

How Much Does A Photo Booth Rental Cost?

Well that is a good questions! The price of a photo booth hire at your event will usually depend on the following:

  • What’s included?
  • How old the company is?
  • The Social Media Presence / Popularity of the Company.
  • The Customer Service prior to the event.
  • Are you getting a photo album or any other inclusives.

When hiring a photo booth rental in Melbourne, we suggest that you compare the service from the lowest pricing to the most expensive. The reason we suggest this is because at times photo booth companies will either underquote, or over-charge you for the service. By comparing pricing & what is included, you may come across a company that offers the same service for a lesser price – at the same quality! Or they might just be to good to be true?