Open Or Enclosed Photo Booths? Which One To Choose & Why!

The time has come to organise your big day and you’re looking at some photo booth packages to add a little something extra to your event. With some many options on the market it can be quite overwhelming at times to choose a suitable package for your event. A common question we get asked – What is better? Open Vs Enclosed? Which should I choose & why..?

So where do you begin? The best place to start- open air photo booth or enclosed photo booth? Now, if you’re a newbie when it comes to photo booths and have absolutely no idea what each option entails, we’ve made it simple for you! By the end of this article, you’ll be an expert when it comes to the pros and cons of each of the photo booth options. Who knows, you might even start writing an article yourself!

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble… Below we will give you examples for pro’s & cons!

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble… Below we will give you examples for pro’s & cons!


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What Are Open Photo Booths?

Open photo booths are generally how they sound.. Open! Unlike the enclosed photo booths, the open booths come as a more elegant choice, with different varieties of backdrops and easier access to the booth.

For the show ponies of the night, this option allows guest to actively view the inside of the booth! When choosing the right photo booth for hire in Melbourne you should consider the sort of party, the personalities of the people attending and also how much space you have available.

These photo booths usually do not have curtains surroundings or inflatable walls surroundings; it simply consists of a featured backdrop, photo booth assistant, box with screen, and awesome photo booth props!

The booth is usually operated by an attendant on the night, the attendant provides setup & packdown which usually takes around 40 minutes! The booth attendant in most cases helps the guest with the photo album or anything else required on the night, depending on how nice your attendant is of course…



Open Photo Booths provide elegant & big group shots.

Our open air photo booth backdrops are around 2 to 3 metres in length depending on your scenario. The idea is that you can fit big groups of people in the shot and have quality photos at a good angle. Our most popular melbourne photo booths are the open photo booths, they are particularly used mainly at Weddings, Engagement Parties & 40th/50th Birthday Parties. If your going for the corporate, or elegant look – this is the photo booth for you. Below we are going to provide you a couple of reasons to hire an open photo booth in Melbourne, we are also going to suggest some reasons why you would consider an enclosed booth!

Icebreaker, and good entertainment for the people watching.

This photo booth option is a perfect opportunity to get comfortable in group shots. We find it only takes one person to start an entire queue and everyone is around the photo booth. The good thing about it is you can have a good ol’ laugh at your grandparents having no idea what they are doing or why… or just have a general laugh at people doing silly things. Our photo booth attendants usually have interesting stories of what went down in the booth that night!

The Booths Enhances the party energy at most events!

The backdrops that are included in the open photo booths, are often large and easily visible from afar. This means for guests that are usually bored at a party, gives them firstly something to do, giving them an excuse to stay longer at your birthday party. To reiterate the fact that it invites a large group of guests to the booth, usually guests who don’t know each other find themselves in a massive group shot – the situation becomes less awkward!

Variety of Elegant Backdrops, an image worth keeping!

With most photobooths in melbourne, companies usually provide a variety of backdrops! For example at PIKT Entertainment, we supply a variety of sequin backdrops and soon to provide featured backdrops including: hedge walls, rose walls, gold party backdrops & more! The big advantage about the open photo booths in no doubt the backdrop factor! Our company loves the open style photo booths purely due to this factor.

Enhanced Lighting Situation.

For some people this is obvious! Most open photo booths some sort of professional lighting set up, whether a lighting box, camera flash, or studio flash night. You also going to get that collaboration of room lighting which sometimes can enhance your image. With no shadows & reduced noise reduction, get these photos sent straight to you and uploaded to facebook or insta!



Privacy & Paranoia In The Booth..

The biggest paranoia for some clients & some guests event is the moment the are being onlooked from people that they don’t know! From the attendants eye, we try to encourage all guests to use the photo booth – but sometimes it can be an awkward scenario for some people.. The open photo booth provides minimal privacy for guests using this!

Open Setups Take Quite A Large Amount Of Space

Consider this in terms of space… The photo booth, the backdrop, the prop table, the distance from the booth to the photobooth backdrop, red carpet, and bollards.. Not to mention if you are also having a photo album somewhere, your going to need around 3X3 metres at the minimum for a comfortable and clean setup, anything smaller things will start to get very messy!


What Is an Enclosed Photo Booth?

So you’re leaning towards the enclosed photo booth? The enclosed photo booth provides a mysterious & naughty vibe to the night. The enclosed photo booth provides the SAME service in terms of inclusives as the open air photo booth. The main difference is the position of the curtain! Some enclosed photo booths have the curtain railed around the booth, others enable you to sit down & shut the curtain!

Being an attendant for an enclosed photo booth is an interesting situation, because you only help people in & out of the booth – you never know what’s going on inside! If you are looking for the privacy, cheeky photos – these are usually perfect for 21st birthdays, 30th birthdays & some 40ths. Depending on your wedding or engagement scenario, the enclosed booth might tickle your fancy..


Reasons To Hire The Enclosed Photo Booth:

The Ultimate Privacy Setting

One of the biggest points when it comes to an enclosed photo booth hire is the privacy setting! After all, the magic happens behind a closed curtain right? For guests who are more reserved, an enclosed photo booth is the perfect option. Freedom to do what they want and no one will even know? How can it get any better than that! Don’t worry, even your wildest friends will love this one! The most memorable nights are those that can’t be repeated right? Right, we totally agree! You know how the saying goes.. what happens behind the photo booth curtain, stays behind the photo booth curtain!

Your Confidence is Peaking!

Well, when you get into the enclosed booth & close the curtains – some of our guests have an instant adrenaline rush, mixed with the alcohol they’ve just had.. You can only imagine the confidence your guests will have. Nip slips, pants off, kissing – you name it. If this is the sort of vibe you want to create, by all means – this is for you…

The Mega Vibes..

Something about these photo booths.. They create a room atmosphere that make people want to use it and jump in!


Reasons Against Hiring An Enclosed Photo Booth?

Limits the Amount Of People In The Booth..

If your looking for a massive group shot, it’s going to be a tight fit! Expect a lot of pushing, shoving, bumping and all the rest of it… we often have drinks fly in and out of the booth with these huge group shots..

Limitation On Backdrops Available

With most enclosed photo booths in Melbourne, your going to get the standard backdrops.. Including red, black or white. Unfortunately due to the setup, most companies will only provide these colours.


Who Wins The Battle? Open Air Photo Booth VS. Enclosed Photo Booth?

With everything being said, both styles are awesome photo booths and have put up a good fight again each other! To have either of these would be a win – win to have at your event, regardless of the situation! If you were going to compare the two in a nutshell, we would say that it would be like comparing something that shows more elegance to something with an underground vibe, and you can be a bit cheeky with.

At PIKT Entertainment, we personally love the open photo booths, and our customers preferred choice is our open photo booths. We love the sequin backdrop styles available, we love the massive group shots & we also love how it caters for a wider age demographic as we feel the layout is more inviting to guests on the night.

If your looking to hire one of these awesome photobooths here in melbourne, don’t hesitate – leave us a message, we would love to be apart of your event!

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